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Empower your teams to perform at

their highest level

Team building or team effectiveness workshops can be highly beneficial in a variety of situations, but the end goal is the same: to make a team as effective as possible.

I take a psychological approach to working with teams to enable them to truly connect. By helping each individual to understand themselves better, and to appreciate the strengths of others in the team, we help people build collaborative and trusting environments. 

Together, we look at what can prevent teams from functioning effectively and identify areas that may be getting in the way for their specific team. We then work together to address any dysfunction to enable the team to perform at the highest level.

Perhaps your team is:


  • newly created

  • an agile team that needs to be effective quickly

  • under new leadership and given new direction

  • not working well together and needs support to establish effective solutions within the team

Or, an existing team that needs to:

  • Create a compelling vision or strategy

  • Cement trust, particularly during times of change

  • Re-establish ways of working when new team members join the team

  • Draw out underlying conflicts to enable them to be managed safely and productively

  • Drive forward challenging initiatives, creating clarity of action involving inter-dependencies and management of a complex stakeholder landscape

To overcome these issues, we focus on improving interpersonal skills and interactions. All team events at Encender are bespoke designed. We conduct interviews with each team member to identify areas that need work; this provides insight into each individual’s view of things such as how the current team functions, what they need to achieve as a team, how team members perceive each other, how they behave with their colleagues, and how they communicate, as well as relevant contextual considerations.

We then identify the themes coming out of the interviews to inform the design of the event. We can include personality questionnaires here, if appropriate, such as Hogan Development Survey (HDS), MBTI etc. Coaching of individual team members is an optional follow up after the workshop, depending on requirements. 

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To find out if we connect, and if I can help, get in touch for

a conversation.

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