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"It is only by challenging our views that we make leaps forward that are unexpected and transformative, creating sustainable

breakthrough performance."

Encender Coaching


Amanda Sloan MSc,

CPsychol, AFBPS

I offer a range of approaches from individual and group coaching, to tailored leadership development programmes and team sessions, to enable people and organisations to focus on what is important. This might be working out what someone wants from life, achieving greater balance, realising their full potential, or achieving their highest level of performance.

Individuals may want to unlock the ability to navigate that step up to the next level, or learn how to 'get out of their own way' to perform better, make better decisions, and be happier.

I also help organisations retain and grow talent, while helping the individuals and teams within those organisations feel more confident and collaborate more effectively. Having previously worked for leadership consultancies Kaisen Consulting and Deloitte, my considerable experience has given me the opportunity to work with senior leaders from around the globe and across a wide range of sectors. 


"I bring empathy, experience, insight, and challenge."

My approach to coaching is to build strong and supportive, yet challenging and collaborative relationships with all my clients. This allows me to gain the greatest personal insight into how their thinking, attitudes, and behaviour may be supporting or hindering their performance, achievement of goals, or fulfilment of life.

I believe that as people, we tend to work to a set of assumptions which impact how we view the world. It is all too easy to get stuck in old beliefs and habits, based on these assumptions, and I believe it is only by challenging our views that we make leaps forward that are surprising and transformative, creating sustainable breakthroughs in our performance.

By challenging ourselves to think differently, we help ourselves to make better decisions. We become more confident in what we're being asked to do, and in what we are asking ourselves to do. Once we understand ourselves, it is easier to connect with our most authentic selves, where we can be open and vulnerable with others, creating greater connection, trust, collaboration and energy. 


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