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We believe that every individual has it within themselves to perform at their best, and at their highest level.

Individual coaching

At Encender, we believe that every person has it within themselves to perform at their best, but sometimes they just need help unlocking that potential. Or, they need to 'get out of their own way' in order to feel more fulfilled, or to perform at their highest level.


As psychologists and coaches, we know that people do not change their behaviour and habits on their own. We are creatures of habit, and once we have learnt a particular behaviour, approach, or way of thinking, it is incredibly hard to shift, particularly without help.


Through our supportive yet challenging approach, we believe we can help people towards a deeper understanding of why they behave the way they do, what beliefs they might be holding on to, and what they might be telling themselves that is no longer serving them well. These insights provide a springboard that enables the shift in mindset needed, to achieve the desired behaviour change. 


We can help you make significant transformations, whether that be more impact in your role, unleashing your potential, making a significant transition, or enabling you to take on leadership roles with purpose and fulfilment, but without compromise.

Group coaching

At Encender, we work with groups of individuals who would like to be supported and challenged so they can step out of their comfort zone, be vulnerable, and bring about the transformation that they seek.

Group coaching is different from both individual coaching and team effectiveness workshops in that individuals do not need to achieve common objectives, as they are not necessarily part of a team or function for which they are interdependent. Instead, it is a number of people who have similar needs and are comfortable sharing goals, thoughts, blocks, and plans with each other. Group coaching facilitates the collective untapped wisdom and support of individuals, employees or peers, helping problems get solved faster and allowing insights to be gained and shared.


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