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Transforming the quality of  leadership

in your organisation.

In John Maxwell’s The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, his lesson on ‘The Law of the Lid’ suggests the limit of an organisation’s leadership capability, is the lid on that business's overall ability to perform.


At Encender, we focus on effectively improving the quality of leadership within the organisation, particularly at the senior leadership level.


We do this by understanding where the population under consideration are, in terms of their current capability. We then highlight the key areas that - with focus and attention - will improve, and with it, effectiveness and profitability.


The areas we tend to see as being key to making a difference are:


  • Influence; how to effectively influence others and communicate in an effective and meaningful way.

  • Engagement; how to create and convey a vision or strategy in a way that will engage and energise a diverse population.

  • Resilience; how to effectively manage your own and your team's well-being.

  • Change; how to effectively navigate change in order to keep performance at its optimum level, avoiding disengagement or overwhelm.

  • Emotional intelligence; how to keep the key EI qualities such as empathy front and centre, to help drive performance and engagement, and to create an organisational culture where people can thrive. 

Our leadership development offer at Encender takes a bespoke approach; we take time to get to know and understand you, the leadership population, the organisation, and the context you are operating in.


From there, we design workshops or webinars that will effectively address your needs. We build strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients and will happily co-create inputs that will work for you and your organisation’s needs. 


Leadership development is critical in order to maintain this dynamism and keep businesses relevant and profitable. Let us help you develop the critical leadership capabilities you and your organisation need.

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